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30 days of night picture

"Producer Sam Raimi brings audiences the terrifying thriller 30 Days of Night, set in the isolated town of Barrow, Alaska, in the extreme northern hemisphere, which is plunged into complete darkness annually for an entire month. When most of the inhabitants head south for the winter, a mysterious group of strangers appear: bloodthirsty vampires, ready to take advantage of the uninterrupted darkness to feed on the town's residents. As the night wears on, Barrow's Sheriff Eben (Hartnett), his estranged wife Stella (George) and an ever-shrinking group of survivors must do anything they can to last until daylight."
The film is scheduled for an Oct. 19 release.



Heroes – Fallout

We open as Claire and her father HRG are just getting home. Clair is worried that her father is upset, but he isn’t he has a confession to make. He knew about her all along, he knew before she did. He tells her that he did things he wasn’t proud of… He promises her that the man is taken care of. Her mother and brother knew nothing. He basically tells her that to keep her safe she has to keep it secret.

Then we cut to Matt and Audrey outside Clair’s school. They are there chasing what looks to be to them another Sylar attack. They talk a bit about How Peter didn’t do it, and that there was another two sets of footprints. Sylar had help.

Peter is in a cell, sort of Hannibal Lector glass wall cell. He seems fully recovered from the night’s festivities. His brother Nathan comes in, and bails him out. Peter admits to Nathan that he thought he was a hero, and that he could save the cheerleader… Nathan’s voice changes, deeper, creepy, and tells him that he can’t that he knows nothing about power. Peter wakes up with a start in his cell; it was just a dream…

Next we have Nikki, or should we say Jessica, taking potshots at D.L. He takes a few shots, and uses his powers to avoid a headshot. Watching the bullet pass harmlessly through his head was pretty awesome. Then Jessica comes in close for the kill, getting a chastising look from Nikki in the reflection in the car door. Checking the car she see’s that Micah and D.L. Are gone.

Then we go to Sylar. Quite the piece of work, in his cell, HRG is talking to Sylar, and knows all about him now. His powers won’t work in the special cell. Sylar is quite insane. He tells HRG that he will get out of there and collect one more power from his daughter…

HRG gets his orders from his masters that Sylar is to live. Eden offers to make Sylar kill himself. HRG denies it.

DL and Micah are in the woods running away. DL thinks it was the police shooting at them, but Micah doesn’t think it was. Micah and DL find a cabin, and start to dress DL’s wounds. They talk about how it looked like Nikki, but Micah tells him that she would never hurt him on purpose. DL then passes out.

Audrey and Matt go into Peters room to interrogate him. They tell him that his mother had six levels of lawyers to climb through before they got to him. Matt tries to read his mind, but gets some sort of feedback.. It hurts them both for a little bit, then Peter reads Audrey’s mind. Peter tells them that he did save the cheerleader, and that it was Claire was the one he was after. They rush after Claire to protect her.

Next we have Eden coming into Isaac’s cell. He’s sketching. Eden tells him that Clair was saved, and that she is going “off the reservation” He tells her what’s the point of painting the future if no one will change it.

Then we cut to Hiro (HIRO!) And Ando are at Clair’s school, thinking that they didn’t save the cheerleader. That Charlie was the cheerleader they were supposed to save. They talk a bit about how the world might be doomed. Even though Hiro has doubts about his ability to change the future they continue on with their quest to find Peter and stop the bomb. Just then Isaac calls them they need to meet.

Next we have Claire and HRG in an interview room with Audrey talking about the attack. Matt is on the other side of the glass trying to pick up whatever he can from them telepathically. Audrey doesn’t mince words, she asks flat out how Peter and Sylar survived the four story drop. Then she asks Clair how she didn’t get hurt, even thought they found blood at the scene. Matt couldn’t get anything from either of them, it was like some sort of static was in the way. It was the same static he felt in that bar before he lost a day.

Jessica is running through the woods hot on DL and Micah’s trail She finds Dl’s bloody coat on a bush, and the sight of DL’s blood wakes Nikki up long enough to have a fight with Jessica. Jessica basically tells her that she isn’t strong enough and that she is in control.. Just then Micah screams for help and Nikki goes running.

Clair comes in to see Peter. HRG tells Peter that he owes him his life. Peter coughs, and Claire asks if they can talk privately. HRG leaves, and Claire asks him how long he’s known he was like her. They talk about how he saved her, and he tells her that he knew he had to save her to save the world. He admits that the healing thing is new to him, and that he didn’t know he would heal when he jumped off the building… Claire is quite struck on Peter, and as she leaves she calls him her hero.

Micah leads Nikki to DL, but as soon as she gets there she starts knocking the shit out of DL. In the process Micah gets thrown and hurts himself on some rocks. This shocks both them out of the fight and Nikki takes control again. She apologizes to them both.

Zach and Claire are at the football field talking about how its being covered up who died at homecoming, but that everyone knows it was Charlie. Claire destroys the tapes she made with Zach. Zach apologizes to Claire for making her go to home coming.

Hiro, and Ando are at the greyhound station, and Isaac gets off the bus. They take him to the burnt toast diner, and show him the comic from the future. He is amazed. He admits that he can only see the future when he’s high. Hiro tells him about the bomb, and Isaac with no head, and they talk about how they have to stop the bomb. Hiro tells him about the friend that died. Isaac tells them that he drew a scene in the comic a few days ago, sober, and that he did it, and that maybe stopping the bomb is his destiny too.

Claire is talking to her brother, wanting to know what happened, and what their father said. He sort of pauses, he hasn’t seen their father all day, and he can’t remember how he got home…

Nikki and DL are walking through the woods, and talking about how she needs help. Nikki tells DL about Jessica, but Nikki thinks that Jessica can’t be trusted since she hurt Micah. Nikki walks over to some cops and tells them that they should arrest her for murder.

Matt, and Audrey are staking Claire out, Audrey thinks Matt can be cute, she realizes that he heard that. They laugh about it, and she says he’s married and loves his wife. He thinks he’s a chump for trying to make the marriage work.
They see HRG, and the Haitian. Matt recognizes the Haitian from that day… He tries to read their minds, but only gets two things: A nosebleed and one word. Sylar…

Claire is talking to Zach. She’s freaked out that her brother can’t remember anything, the day, or any of her powers. Zach is pissed that Clair is talking to him. He says that she hasn’t talked to him since second grade. She knows that they got to him too… She runs off.

HRG and Sylar are talking. Sylar tells him that they are similar that they both collect special people. HRG tells him that they are going to take him apart and find out what makes him tick.

Hiro, Ando, and Isaac are in the hotel room. Isaac is in front of a canvas, he doesn’t think he can do it, but Hiro holds out hope and tells him to concentrate. Isaacs eyes white out and he starts to draw on the canvas.

HRG is in his car, and he gets a cell phone call. It’s Claire, and she’s freaking out. She asks HRG if he remembers what she told him. He says yes. She tells him that Zach and Lyle don’t remember. We see the Haitian come in, he talks to her. Telling her that her father told him to come there and make her forget. Like he did to Lyle, and Zach, and her mother many many times, but its important that she remember. Then he asks her if she can keep a secret….

Hiro, and Ando are watching Isaac paint, wondering what to do when he’s done. When they see the painting they are at first confused, Ando asks if he can only paint the future. The scene is of Hiro fighting a dinosaur with a sword…. Hiro is scared, what if he steps on a bug? He could change all of time…. He comments that he really needs to find that sword…

Mohinder is in his fathers office, and he gets a call. Its Eden. She confesses that she lied to him, and that she is sorry. She tells him that she has to make things right, but first killing the man who murdered his father.

In Sylars cell Eden has a gun. She admits that he knows her; he admits that she lived next door to Chandra. She uses her power on Sylar and tells him to kill himself with the gun. He uses his power and pulls her through the glass, and tells her that he is going to consume her power. Rather than let him do this, she shoots herself in the head.

Nathan comes to bail Peter out. Peter tries to tell Nathan what was going on, he doesn’t look good. He’s getting sicker and sicker. He falls over, and wakes up in a deserted New York. There are cars stopped everywhere in the street. Then he sees Mohinder getting out of a taxi, he looks happy to see Peter at first, and then he runs away. Next we see Matt DL, Micah, and Nikki; they are running away from him too. Claire runs up to him, but pulls back before she gets too close. She looks at him like he’s changed. Simone comes to run up to Peter, but Isaac grabs her before she gets too close. Nathan walks out of his offices with a stern look on his face. Hiro and Ando watch from the sidelines concerned looks on their faces… Claire mouths, “I’m sorry” and runs away. Hiro, looks down sad, and walks away with Ando. Peter’s hands are glowing…Nathan walks right up to Peter, Peter’s eyes start glowing, he screams and explodes. Peter wakes up on the ground in the present. He tells Nathan that it was all his fault, the explosion…Then Peter sort of looks like he dies..


and the others are there. DL, Micah, Nikki/Jessica, Even Nathan comes out of his campaign headquarters. Clair comes running up to Peter. They are all fleeing something



Jericho: Vox Populi

6 Weeks after the bombs…

Well, it looks like Jericho is quite willing to throw the cards up in the air and completely change everything. Gracie died!

I figured she’d be convalescing in the clinic until something happened and she got back on her feet to be redeemed from being a psycho profiteering bitch from hell, but nope. She died outright. Then we have Mitchell claiming that Jonah did it and went awol. WE have Gray leading armed men through town, being a total asshole vigilante. Finally when we do get Jonah, Gray wins the election! OMG! Fuck! Not cool man, not cool. Robert finally tried to shirk off his overlords, and make a life in Jericho… not to that warm a reception. Dale gets Gracie’s store, and is promptly threatened by Mitchell, which of course changes his mind about who killed Gracie. In a rather tense scene we have Jake telling Gray that he can’t make Jonah disappear, especially when he’s innocent. They decide to exile him from Jericho. Stanley and Mimi are bedding each other, much to Bonnies disgust.

The reason the synopsis is so scattered, and not the usual scene by scene… well the ending. The ending of this episode is the real meat and gravy of the show. Just as Emily and Jake get together, kiss, and decide to become an item a group of stragglers comes into town, looking horrible, and like they walked through hell. Amongst them is Emily’s Fiancé, Roger!

Dale Shoots Mitchell!

Bonnie drives off with the town bad element.

Roberts’s overlords tell him quite graphically that they know exactly where he is, and they will be seeing him quite soon.

OMFG! Ok, good episode. Most of the turkey chase for Jonah was ho hum, but then we get to the end of the episode and realize how much has changed. The Greens are out of power. Gracie is dead. Jonah is out of power. Mitchell is dead. Dale is in charge of the store. Bonnie is going over to the dark side. Stanley and Mimi are starting to domesticate each other. Gray is in charge. And most of all Roger is in Jericho….

Oohhhh I cannot wait for episodes to begin again. I hate how they do this to me, get things to the point where I’m on the edge of my seat and make me wait. Not good for my nerves.



Jericho 111 Preview

Here is the preview for the next episode of Jericho...



Thursday's world broadcast premiere of Spider-Man 2 on Fox included several behind-the-scenes views of Spider-Man 3, including the shot of Venom first shown at Comic-Con International and recently leaked on the Internet.
Fox expanded its primetime programming to 2-1/2 hours for Spider-Man 2, which was shown in an edited format.
Following commercial breaks, short segments were shown, including some new footage and comments from cast members.
A Venom image was noticably absent from the trailer that debuted on Thursday, Nov. 9. That following weekend, another trailer, which included a Venom ending and many in-the-works effects, leaked out on the Internet, sending Sony scurrying for its removal.
But the Venom scene was shown immediately on Thursday night in a teaser at the beginning of Fox's broadcast of Spider-Man 2.
Also shown was Willem Dafoe, who apparently is returning as Norman Osborn.
Click on the thumbnails below for larger images and look for more on Spider-Man 3 soon.



Torchwood Ep 10 upcoming

BBC Programme Information have published plot details of Torchwood's tenth episode which airs 10pm, Sunday 17 December on BBC Three."When a plane which took off in 1953 makes an unexpected landing in present-day Cardiff, its three passengers are shocked to learn that they can never go back to their own time, as Russell T Davies's sci-fi thriller continues.The Torchwood team, led by Captain Jack Harkness, helps the passengers settle in contemporary society, but this simple task has painful emotional consequences.The cast includes John Barrowman as Captain Jack, Eve Myles as Gwen, Burn Gorman as Owen and Naoko Mori as Toshiko."For those without access to BBC Three there's another chance to see this episode on Wednesday 20 December on BBC Two.